National Youth Sunday 2018 Resources

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National Youth Sunday 2018 Resources

Sunday 25th November, the feast of Christ the King, is National Youth Sunday. Resources for use in parish and school settings have been posted out, and can also be accessed through the Home Mission website (see below).

The theme is #JustOneFilter: No one thinks twice about altering an image before posing it on social media – it's all just part of the process of attracting as many likes and comments as possible. In preparation for National Youth Sunday we want to inspire young people to think about where else in their lives they are using filters.

What do they do to mask who they really are?

Are they hiding or enhancing parts of their lives to make themselves feel good?
What do they do to feel like they belong?
How do they make themselves look right?

We want young people to hear the message that there is ONE filter that helps us stay true to ourselves, that helps us all to measure our lives in the right ways and present ourselves to others as we are. This is the filter of God's Love.

The resources include posters, cue cards and thank you cards, and downloadable assembly materials, a discussion session and a prayer time.

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