Resources For Primary Age Mental Health & Wellbeing

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Resources For Primary Age Mental Health & Wellbeing

In this current climate and time of crisis, there is an urgent need to empower children with confidence and hope for their futures. Lockdown has left many with questions about their faith and anxiety about the future. In response to this, the Kenelm Youth Trust is offering 'Primary Quo Vadis', a Catholic mental health and well-being resource for Year 4-6.

This programme will support children with mental health and well-being, to empower them to make choices and enable them to reflect and 'gather' as a Catholic community through shared experience, even during a time of social distancing. With high quality videos, moments of collective worship and an amazing pupil journal to accompany every session, Primary Quo Vadis will help your students to understand their feeling and emotions in a new and positive way.

Working with experts in the field and in partnership with Rise Theatre, these 5-classroom based sessions explore the themes of worry, anger, happiness and sadness, as well as exploring how we are created and why we have feelings and emotions.

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