Music Competition For Young Adults

Music Competition For Young Adults

Posted: Tue, 09 Mar 2021 13:26

Music Competition For Young Adults

The National Office for Vocation is working in partnership with Vocation Ireland and international colleagues to run the ‘Vocation Music Award’. Young musicians age 18 – 35 are invited to compose a song on the theme of vocation. Entries will be voted on and the top six win a CD production with their song. There are also cash prizes for the top three entries, of €2000 for first place, €1000for second, and €500 for third place. The deadline for submissions is 31st July.

The concept originated with a Seminarian in Austria, who first ran the competition two years ago and it was a great success.

The competition organisers say: ‘The vocation music award aims to bring the topic of vocation to young people in a creative and innovative way, specifically through the medium of music.  It has been strongly recognised around the world that Covid-19 is impacting on our young people in many ways, the lack of career opportunities and disruption to education being two major challenges.  Yet in these difficult times, music continues to be an emotive force and speaks to us all.  Therefore, we feel that this is a good time to be involved in such a project.’

In attempting to meet the target audience, special attention is paid to the various channels of social media.  In addition, it is concerned with a broader unity within the church, which is to be achieved through diverse collaboration and cooperation.  The focus is not merely on the project for its own sake, but on spiritual unity, which is of great value for spiritual fertility.  The project should grow organically and gain traction through the various works of cooperation across different church circles, both on a national and international level.

Theme and Music Style

The theme of the contest deals with the topic of vocation of the person.  This is understood however in the broader sense: not only the vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life, but also to marriage and the call of God to love and follow Him no matter our circumstances in life.  Amongst others, the three focus questions are:

  1. Where is my place;
  2. What is God’s plan for my life;
  3. what is the purpose of my life.

The music styles entered  into the contest may range from praise- and- worship to folk music, church music or Gregorian chant or a combination of various styles, all in order to broadly and creatively express in music what moves the heart in faith.

Find out more about how to enter on the competition website:

Vocation Music Award


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