World Cup Fever?

World Cup Fever?

Posted: Fri, 19 Dec 2014 18:55

World Cup Fever?

Are you surrounded by world cup fever? Want to capitalize on it in your ministry? Look no further than this post!

If you're looking for something to talk to young people about in a youth group, assembly, or any other situation, the Pope has had plenty to say about the world cup. You can read his message here: see what he said to Brazilians here:

If you have a copy of the Tablet around, there are some extracts of players talking about what their faith means to them (its online, but behind their paywall)

I've seen a lot of things on TV about the social situation in Brazil, and I'm sure many young people have to. To capitalize on this CAFOD have some great resources available here:

If you want to look at the justice and peace themes in a World Cup context even more, you can have a look at this website set up by the World Development Movement who rank the teams on their efforts for global justice issues.

Finally, if -like me- you have very little idea about football, there are many bluffers guides so you can join in and use some of these resources without having to know too much about it! There's one here:

If you come across anything else, please post below!


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