The Challenges of Postmodern Youth Ministry

Okay, I'll be honest, it sounds like an essay title at college, doesn't it? But it's actually a really good article, which was published a few days ago over at Here's a slice:

This view of the truth has had a big impact on the religious views of young people. It's the leading factor why Moral Therapeutic Deism (see explanation in yesterday's post on Postmodernism) has become so 'popular' because it's a belief system that is inclusive, tolerant and seemingly loving.

But it has also had a big impact on the moral views of our young people. A 2008 study by Notre Dame sociologist Christian Smith about young people's moral lives shows that they are really bad at thinking and talking about moral issues. Young people see moral choices as a personal choice, an individual matter. They aren't immoral in their own behavior, but they feel they can't judge others or impose a moral framework on anyone else. Smith calls this a combination of an extreme moral individualism, relativism and non-judgmentalism.

Challenging the lack of Truth

So what do we do with this knowledge that youth doen't believe in absolute truth? How to approach them with Christianity then? My approach to challenge this lack of truth would be...

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