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What would Jesus Tweet

Ever wondered what the big guy would make of the internet?

This rather interesting piece from helps you to like social media and faith and to put it into a format workable with young people.

Read about it here...

Love is the Key...

Well, when St. Paul said that nothing really has any value with out love, it turns out that he actually knew what he was talking about.

We know, of course, that love matters. It's the nature of God. It's the true nature of all those he created, and in the end it's the only thing that really makes a difference in people's lives.

According to a CNN article love is the key to brain development in children. Those who are loved do much, much better than those who aren't. This is obvious stuff, but it reminds us of the importance of helping young people to feel that they are loved and cared for.

I'll leave you with that thought...

Sheldon Cooper - Legend of Dating...

In my last job, I was forever looking for interesting clips to introduce sessions on relationships. Being a fan of the Big Bang theory, I think I've found just the thing...

Youth Leader Insecurities

Over the years I've met a ton of people in important positions who are really insecure. In fact, relatively recently I saw one particular youth minister's insecurities rip apart a team and threaten a project which had had hundreds of thousands invested in it.

We all get insecure at times. It's only natural. And part of youth ministry, perhaps, is about encountering ourselves - as well as God and the young people - in a deeper way and building up something more positive. has an article on signs that you are insecure. Some good stuff to reflect on. If I can add two pieces though, they would be these... firstly, if you are insecure, relax. Start to believe that you are worth your job, and if there is something or somebody constantly knocking your self-esteem, get away quick! 

Secondly, if you are working with somebody whose insecurities are causing damage, try to help them. If it becomes obvious that you can't help them, then you need to seek life elsewhere.

These may sound like rather obvious - or maybe even random - bits of advice. Believe me though, I've learned them both the hard way. The very hard way!

[Source | image hotlinked from Flickr user Christina Welsh]

Why Small groups are worth it

Josh Griffin has a great post about why Small group work is a must in youth ministry.

No time for intelligent analysis from us at the minute unfortunately. You'll just have to go read it...

[image hotlinked from Flickr user micmol]

re:Build My Church 2.0


The organisers of the excellent ReBuild My Church event have announced the date for the next live broadcast. It will be on Thursday April 19th at 12pm Central US time and then replayed at 7pm. That's 6pm and 1am (Friday 20th) in the UK, and in Sydney, Australia that's 1am and 8am (both Friday 20th).

This is quite a complex calculation since the clocks went forward in the US last weekend, but haven't yet in the UK and Australia, but trust me... we checked it and double-checked it!

The next live broadcast will feature videos from Armando Cervantes, Scott Dougherty, Colm Leyne, D. Scott Miller, Katie Prejean and Jack Regan.

(we're not so sure we like the sound of the last one!)

More details on the Facebook page and the website.

Church Politics and Youth Ministry

I read a lot of youth ministry blogs from the evangelical world. To be honest, they're light years ahead of us in many aspects of youth ministry and so they've often got a lot of really good stuff to offer.

Naturally though, stuff from non-Catholic sites needs sieving and translating a little at times, and there are quite a few posts which I read and find myself thinking 'woah! you think that's a problem for you guys... you should try it on this side of the Tiber!' I had this reaction a few weeks back when I picked up a piece about tradition, and I had pretty much the same reaction with the piece in question here.

What I'm talking about is a great post on about Church Politics and Youth Ministry. It's a good piece, but as I read it I found myself realising that I work for the Church that pretty much invented Church politics. I work for the Church whose politics pretty much shaped the western world for a generation.

I mean, seriously, our Church politics has toppled Kings and Queens.

Yep. There are some things us Catholics are just unparalleled at: Candles, High liturgy, Vestments, Tradition, and most definitely - definitely - Church politics.

On a serious note though, rea the article at ym360. It needs a context-translation, but it says some interesting stuff. And if you have ever been stumped by some silly aspect of Church politics, feel free to vent in the combox!!

[image hotlinked from ym360 - courtesy of shutterstock/Jezper]

Minnesota Bishop Encouraged by Young People's Quest for Truth

Bishop John Quinn of Winona, Minn., has welcomed Pope Benedict XVI's call for better instruction of young people, saying it will meet their desire for solid truth over self-centered relativism.

"Our younger generation is breaking out of it," Bishop Quinn told EWTN News, observing a growing discontent with worldviews that reject the idea of truth in areas like religion and morality.

"They're looking for the truth. One of them said to me, 'Bishop, just tell us the truth. Don't sugarcoat it. We want to know what the truth is.' And someone else said to me: 'You know, bishop, we've been told so many lies, throughout the culture and by other people. Just give us the truth.'"

Bishop Quinn offered his thoughts on March 9, hours after his second meeting with Pope Benedict XVI. Bishops of his state, as well as North and South Dakota, were in Rome for their traditional ad limina visit involving talks with the Pope and Vatican officials about the health of their dioceses.

You can read the rest of this article on the (US) National Catholic Register site...

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