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    Job Title: Youth Ministry Co-ordinator
    Employer: Catholic Diocese of Clogher
    Salary: To be negotiated
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    Resources at Random

    Resurrection: Rob Bell

    Rob Bell is a very gifted speaker who makes a lot of engaging videos. Here, he talks about what Jesus’ resurrection means for us. It’s a very powerful video, well worth watching and using.

    CRS (US CAFOD): Education Resources

    CRS Education Resources

    There are some really good things on here, but unlike CAFOD’s resources it’s tailored to the States, and focuses almost entirely on things best suited to lessons. It’s here.

  • Latest Resources

    CAFOD Advent Calendar


    CAFOD have created an interactive 2015 Advent Calendar that includes stories of their work, daily readings and quotes from Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si.

    You can find the advent calendar on their website here!

    The Origins of Chaplaincy – From Fr David O’Malley SDB


    Wednesday the 11th of November is the feast of St Martin de Tours, the first chaplain! Below is an extract from Fr David O’Malley’s book ‘School Ethos and Chaplaincy’, available from Don Bosco Publications and on Amazon

    “The story of chaplaincy begins at the gate to the city of Amiens in 337 CE. Martin, a young soldier in the Roman army, was walking into the city during a bitterly cold winter. The crowds were hurrying past a half-naked beggar who was close to death. Martin, unpaid and having only his military uniform, stopped and looked at the man who gazed back at him expectantly, with hand outstretched. After a slight hesitation, Martin took out his sword and then removed his cloak and sliced it through the middle giving one half to the man and using the other half to cover himself again. Read more

    Alpha Youth Film Series

    Alpha in the US have created some really good videos directed to young people. It’s not a Catholic resource, but is focused more on questions and opening up a space for people to start to engage with their faith, so we think it’s well worth looking at! Read more

    Climate Action Simulation Game


    Remember trading trainers? Then the trade game? There’s a new climate based simulation game for groups! Check it out and find all the resources you need on the CAFOD site here

    King of Hearts – NYS 2015


     The 2015 National Youth Sunday Resources are online, you can find them all here, order printed resources from Redemptorist publications, or download them directly from the Bishops Conference Website through the links below. Read more

    Commissioning Chaplains – Fr David O’Malley SDB


    Taken from Fr David O’Malley’s Blog

    This is the time of year when many chaplains are commissioned or re-commissioned for service in school communities. Commissioning can be a very helpful experience for both the chaplain and for the school community because:

    • It highlights the spiritual dimension of the school and the seriousness with which the school approaches its ethos.
    • It emphasises the different role and relationships that the chaplain has to maintain within other professional relationships at school.
    • It allows the school to recognise its formal links to the church as a a church school, especially if the dean or some local clergy take part in the commissioning.
    • It is a formal invitation for others to recognise and pray for the chaplain and be ready to support their work.

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  • News & Blog

    Hello from Jonny!

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to say a quick hello to you all! I’m Jonny, and I’m now responsible, for the next couple of months, for the day-to-day running of the Catholic Youth Work website.


    I have recently finished 2 years of volunteering for the Salesians in their Social Media and Communications office. Previous to my work with the Salesians, I studied Computer Science at Bangor University in North Wales.

    I hope that I can keep up the impeccable work that Chris has done over the past 12 months and I also want to thank him for all the help and support he has given to me in the handover.

    Advent and Christmas Resources Page 2015


    This is our run down of some of the best resources we’ve come across recently!
    If you’ve come across something really good, please do let us know! We’ll keep updating this page, but even if it’s January, we’d love to hear what worked well so we can share it with people the following Advent!

    To see all of our Advent Resources, do head to our Advent/Christmas resource page here.

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    Goodbye Chris!


    22 months after first sending a message to a few friends involved in the work of the Salesians floating the idea of taking on the site, and 12 months after taking on the job of running the site I (Chris) am stepping down from the role this Friday, the 13th, to concentrate on my PhD and a few voluntary projects I’m involved in. It’s been a very big year for the site, and I hope my work has helped to put it in a strong position for the coming years and that is’a been a support to all of you who are involved in youth ministry in this country! Read more

    Pope Francis to Students in Cuba “In the daily reality of life, there has to be room for dreaming”


    Below is the text of the unprepared remarks to students from Pope Francis’ visit to Cuba

    “You are standing up and I am sitting. How rude! But you know why I am sitting; it is because I was taking notes on some of the things which our companion here was saying. Those are the things I want to talk about.

    One really striking word he used was “dream”. A Latin American writer once said that we all have two eyes: one of flesh and another of glass. With the eye of flesh, we see what is in front of us. With the eye of glass, we see what we dream of. Beautiful, isn’t it? Read more