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Author Topic: Vatican to introduce pirate-themed Masses...

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Vatican to introduce pirate-themed Masses...
« on: April 01, 2013, 11:11:15 AM »
In an attempt to make the liturgy more accessible to children and young people, it was announced this morning that Pope Francis will soon be introducing 'Pirate-themed Masses'

Vatican spokesman Aprilio Fuello said 'the new themed Masses will be another option for priests alongside the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms of the Roman Rite.'

When asked about the cost of new Missals on increasingly impoverished parishes, he defended the move saying 'this shouldn't mean parishes have to buy expensive new Missals or that the lay faithful have to buy new people's missals, as the new pirate Masses will be essentially the same as the Ordinary form of the Roman Rite. All that's different is that instead of Amen, people simply say YARRR!'

If the pirate Masses prove successful the Vatican are planning to roll out other Masses in the future including 'gangsta' and 'disney'

It is hoped that the new Masses will animate the liturgy for young people.


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